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At Burke Fire Doors, we can boast of a world class ISO facility, housed in over 70,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. We are also proud to say that we have full FSC® certification. With our offices adjoining the workshop, we pride ourselves on the seamless transition between our extremely skilled management, design, and production teams, where all work closely together to achieve the highest quality results.
Our Facility
Our Facility
We are continually investing in the improvement of our facility to constantly advance the level of service that we can provide. We have invested over €2.5 million in new machinery and technology, with the latest additions being a brand new edgebander and a top-of-the-range CNC machine.
Some of the equipment that can be found at our facility includes:
Along with implemented Lean Manufacturing Processes, and full contract traceability through the latest bar-coded technology, which monitors materials and labour throughout the entire supply chain, we are extremely well positioned to provide our clients with a service like no other, and finished products of an unparalleled quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fire door installation compartmentalises a building, preventing the rapid spread of fire. These doors are designed to resist flames and smoke, providing occupants crucial time to evacuate and minimizing property damage.

Fire doors are commonly installed in buildings at strategic locations, such as exits, stairwells, corridors, and areas requiring fire compartmentalization. They play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of fire-resistant barriers.

Fire doors are constructed with materials that can withstand fire for a specified duration. They have a fire-resistance rating and are equipped with intumescent seals, self-closing devices, and other features that enhance their ability to contain fire and smoke.

In a fire, fire doors automatically close, preventing the spread of smoke and flames to other parts of the building. This containment helps create safe routes for evacuation and limits the damage caused by the fire.

Yes, regulations and standards govern fire door installation to ensure compliance with safety requirements. These standards cover aspects such as the door’s fire-resistance rating, proper installation methods, and the use of approved components.

No, not every door can function as a fire door. Fire doors must meet specific standards and undergo testing to withstand fire and smoke. Using non-compliant doors may compromise safety during a fire emergency.

Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial for fire doors. They should be inspected annually to ensure proper functioning, and any repairs or replacements should be promptly addressed to maintain their effectiveness.

Yes, fire doors come in various designs and finishes, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the overall aesthetics of a building. It enables architects and designers to incorporate fire doors without sacrificing visual appeal.

Trained professionals should carry out fire door installation to ensure compliance with safety standards. Professional installers have the expertise to properly fit, seal, and maintain fire doors, maximizing their effectiveness in the event of a fire.

Fire door installation is crucial in a building to prevent the rapid spread of fire and smoke. These specialized doors act as a barrier, containing the fire within a specific area and allowing occupants to evacuate safely. Properly installed fire doors can significantly enhance the overall fire safety of a structure.

A successful fire door installation involves several critical components. These include the fire door itself, the door frame, hardware (such as hinges and locks), and the surrounding wall construction. All these elements must meet specific fire-rated standards to ensure the door’s effectiveness in containing and resisting the spread of fire.

Yes, building codes and regulations dictate the installation requirements for fire doors. These codes vary by location and are typically enforced to ensure the safety of occupants. It is essential to consult with local authorities and adhere to the applicable building codes during the planning and installation of fire doors in any building.

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