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Inspect. Report. Repair.

The correct fire door installation, maintenance and their components in Ireland is vitally important in ensuring that property and lives are protected – if not, then building owners may be prosecuted. At Burke Fire Doors we offer a first-class certified service which includes an onsite review and inspection of your existing fire doors. This includes:

We offer full in depth reporting, maintenance, repair and replacement service to ensure that your building is safe from potential fire hazards giving you piece of mind. A complete solution for your fire door sets needs.

Common Fire Door Issues

One of the most common issues that we identify during inspection is poor fire door installations. Having fire door sets installed by un-qualified personnel…

A defect that is quite common throughout most fire door installations is incorrect margins where the door is hanging in the frame. The required gap in most…

Glazing forms an integral part of a fire door assembly. Incorrectly specified glass can fail very rapidly. Only tested proprietary glazing systems can be used in a fire…

Ironmongery forms an essential part of the overall fire door assembly. If installed incorrectly will result in failure of the door set. It must also be noted that all…

Every fire door and frame set must have a continuous run of intumescent in either the door frame or around the door itself. Any gaps in the intumescent…

Fire Door Sets And Our Areas of Expertise

Inspect. Report. Repair.

Fire Door Inspection

We undertake fire door inspections which involves one of our team surveying each of your fire doors within your building checking and ensuring that they are compliant and effective in and will perform in the event of a fire.
Our fire door inspections are extremely thorough, and you will be provided with a detailed report and photographs outlining the condition of each door and likely performance. Each report which detail any potential hazard of poorly installed fire doors or damaged doors. Our report will ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ all of the different elements of the door from its hinges to the door itself. We provide the maintenance and repair work service ourselves – however, we also just provide you with the report leaving you free to shop around for other service providers.


Fire Door Maintenance

We specialize not only in inspections and installations but also in premium fire door maintenance. Fire doors, integral to a building's passive fire protection, are often overlooked or maintained by those unfamiliar with their intricacies, posing potential risks to your property. Whether we have conducted the initial inspection or if you've used another service, our team ensures all repairs and enhancements are made to meet the necessary standards. Our professionals are not only trained but bring years of hands-on experience to the job. Recognizing the practicality of doors and the need to avoid disruptions, we offer flexibility with our services, including fire door maintenance during weekends and night hours


Fire Door Installation

Our fire door installation service is certified under the BM Trada Q Mark scheme. We are involved the manufacture of the door from start to finish allowing us to ensure a quality and safe door will be installed. We can match existing door finishes from our wide range of veneer, paint and laminate finishes. All door sets are manufactured under ISO9001 quality standards, while they can be supplied with FSC certification.
All our doors are tagged, and you are provided with a full operation and maintenance manual allowing you to ensure your fire doors are well maintained in- house. A maintenanace check list can also be provided to ensure long term compliance.
We have installed tens of thousands of doors and we do it right for your safety.

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